Destination Wedding of Sanchita and Shivam in Thailand | Sumit Productions

Destination Wedding of Sanchita and Shivam in Thailand | Sumit Productions

Wedding day is the most important and most awaited day in our lives, we are so excited to celebrate the day with perfection, and utmost zest. There are various styles which are chosen by the couple and the family to celebrate the wedding ceremony. Some choose to have a premium wedding and choose to have a luxury wedding, and yet some chose to have a destination wedding to make it a combination of special day celebration and a family vacation. 

Sumit Productions recently had a great opportunity to cover the colourful destination wedding of Sanchita and Shivam in Thailand. We covered every significant moment at the wedding, from the famous Haldi ceremony to the dance show during the celebration. 

The couple also had an amazing time together while moving their feet at a dance show during the marriage ceremony, they romanced amidst the artistic dancers.

The couple also celebrated the traditional ceremony during the destination wedding in Thailand, they had fun full Haldi ceremony where the family and relatives apply a paste of turmeric and sandalwood on the face and skin of the bride and the groom. 

The bide and the groom also had some spectacular snapshots while dancing, romancing, while getting ready and exchanging the garlands.

At the mandap, they sat together, they had Pheras around the sacred fire, promised to live the whole life together with each other and vowed to be each other's confidant at times of grief and success. 

Sumit Productions is a team of popular wedding photographers who cover weddings from across the country and abroad. We help you turn your moments into memories. Our teams of photographers provide all wedding related services to our valued clients. We make sure to deliver the service flawlessly. 

  • 18 Dec 2019
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