Pre Wedding Shoot of the Lovely Couple Aashna & Madhav

Pre Wedding Shoot of the Lovely Couple Aashna & Madhav

Pre weddings have become a trend in the wedding industry with new styles popping up every day. The couples love to have a photoshoot before the wedding ceremony with the partner and create some amazing memories that they can cherish for a lifetime. There are various styles and creative approaches that are executed during the photo session in pursuit of making is vibrant and memorable.

Sumit Productions covered one such pre wedding, where the couple wanted an exotic and colourful theme for the pre wedding ceremony. We covered their photo session in different styles and several themes. 

Aashna and Madhav, the two love birds wanted to have a pre wedding that is more colourful with vibrant colours and royal styles. The couple was shot at different locations in different outfits. The royal dress of the bride and the elegant place made the photo album stunning. 

With a colourful background, the couple had some amazing and romantic shots against the backdrop of the vibrant coloured wall and some emotional shots aswell.

They used props like coloured balloons to make it compelling and alluring, it helped them to make the pre wedding shoot more engaging and cheerful. 

The to be bride had some amazing shots at different locations while dancing or posing candidly to get flawless shots. Since the bride is the most important individual at the wedding, she must have all the time to get herself captured.

Sumit Productions is a team of professional photographers who are creative-driven and strive to make every moment memorable for you. Be it a pre wedding photoshoot, wedding ceremony, or wedding in Dubai or across India, we cover events across Indian states and abroad. We make sure that every significant shot is seized. 

You can check out Full Event:- Pre Wedding Shoot of the Lovely Couple Aashna & Madhav 

  • 18 Dec 2019
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