Mitasha and Shobhit || A Pre Wedding Shoot in Dreamland

Mitasha and Shobhit || A Pre Wedding Shoot in Dreamland

The goals of a romantic couple are very complicated to understand, they tend to have several fantasies that they want to fulfil before they start the new chapter of their life. This romantic and gorgeous couple had an amazing pre wedding photo shoot at different romantic places in Switzerland and France. 

Mitasha and Shobhit, the love birds who had yearned for a pre wedding shoot in the dreamland made it come true with a lovely photo session. 

Cruising with the romance amidst the docked yachts, the couple had a wondrous time in Switzerland who enjoyed the time to its fullest. 

Setting the musical tone to the romance at a calm spot lit up with street lights, through the lanes of lush green trees, the smiles on their faces are heart touching and ravishing. 

Kissing at the Louvre Museum is the scene-setting moment of the whole pre wedding shoot of Mitasha and Shobhit in France. The historic monument of Paris in the backdrop, the couple sets the tone of their melody relationship at the centre of the iconic royal palace.

Sumit Productions had an amazing opportunity to cover this lovely photo session of this romantic couple in the most romantic place, Switzerland. Our team of photographers creatively used all the abilities to get the best out of the photoshoot. The candid approach in capturing the pictures at these romantic places helped us to bring life to the pictures, make them lively and enthralling. This candid and creative approach helps us to make the moments cheerfully vigorous for the couple, which they can cherish forever. For us, this was not just a photo shoot, we aim at unravelling the love story behind these two beings who are in love with each other. 

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  • 14 Nov 2019
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